Time is constantly moving by and nothing remains as it is. A photographer captures only a timeframe of less than a second usually and accurately defines the details and perspective shown in his picture. It's like holding one's breath while the world is spinning. A picture is not given like many believe, there are infinite varieties to photograph a moment, a person, a building etc., there are infinite moments. A photograph has to be composed.  

When I take a picture it means for me to define the world the way I see it. I show the beauty and facets of life from my perspective and not everybody will see what I see, will feel what I feel, when looking at a particular picture. The pictures I take often include a reflection of my mood or my believes. My mood helps to define the emotions, which I want to capture and thus defines by what I am mostly captivated by. A photographer needs to have an open mind, not to mention concentration, sensitivity and a sense to compose geometrical elements which are always part of a photograph.

I am mostly fascinated by documentary photography and like to work with people and photograph them in their natural environment. I like to be individual, however I don't like the tendency of the world to forget about the concept of coexistence. I guess that's a heritage of my socialist past. I grow up in Hungary until 1987, moved to Southern Germany thereafter where I spent most of my youth. During my studies I also lived a year in Seattle (USA) and traveled a lot to Southeast Asia and other parts of the world. I am interested in almost everything and there are not many countries and regions of the world I would not want to travel to. My curiosity in details and the endless variety and beauty of the habitat of our world is a key to my photographic ambitions. I try to be patient and not rush through life. You have to get out of the system, in order to being able to observe and capture what others don't see anymore or haven't ever seen because they are trapped in routine.

My photographs have been shown in galleries in London, Paris and Munich. I have been awarded as a runner up (2nd price) in the 2009 Lonely Planet photo competition. My most recent project took place in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Central Vietnam and was shot for GTZ and GEO Magazin.                                                                                                                                                                         



Stefan Urban

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